Britannica Image Quest: My my must have tech tool for the class!

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Britannica Image Quest is a must have for my classroom.  Many of the tech tools my students use require some type of image. For obvious reasons, a Google image search is inappropriate for classroom use.  That's where this amazing tool comes in...

The basics:
  •  As of this post, the cost is $0.75 per student (with a minimum order of $750).  It is worth every penny!  
  • Access to millions of educational images and clip art.  
  • All rights are cleared for educational use.
  • Excellent tool for both teachers and students - Images can scale for presentations on whiteboard lessons.
  • Easy to find and use citation information.
After selecting an image, it can be saved in photos on a device (iPad).  This allows an image to be embedded in any type of presentation, report, or other app.  My second grade students are quite adept at finding an image and saving it to their iPad for use in a project.

Here is a screenshot of a search for "frogs" - as you can see, students have many choices to make projects stand out.

Some of the apps that I have used this in with my second grade class are:

  • Keynote (think PowerPoint on an iPad)
  • ChatterKid (think animated, talking pictures with student narration)
  • Explain Everything (interactive whiteboard tool with narration)
  • Pages (great for reports etc.)
Some of the teaching tools I have used it with are:
  • Socrative (Formative & Summative quizzes)
  • PowerPoint (presentations)
  • Prezi (think PowerPoint on steroids)
  • Notability (notes and annotating, also with narration)

This video, by Britannica Image Quest, gives a brief overview.

To learn more, visit:  Britannica Image Quest  

I will be blogging about many of these great educational apps and resources in the future.  If you have any questions I can answer now, please leave a comment for me.


  1. Hi Laura - Thanks for sharing this new resource. It looks fabulous and I love the pre-filter option for school appropriate images. I was wondering if it is required to have an account for multiple students or is there a single user option (i.e. just the teacher)? It would be handy to also have access to a free trial too. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Lori, I don't know the answer to the pricing question and options. The district purchased for all students in our district. You might want to see about a free trial to see how you like it, I would be surprised if they don't have a free option for teachers.

  2. Hey Laura,

    What an awesome tool! The way that you are using it across the devices is fantastic. The ability to safely search for these images for use in student creation projects is essential to helping students become prepared for their future careers. The ability to take this image and combine it with information is what storytelling is all about now. Thank you for sharing!


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