Get 'em Thinking with this Math Warm-Up

9:13 AM
For me, my math block comes immediately after recess.  Naturally, the kids are a little bit chatty and wiggly as they come into the class.  I find routines help tremendously in getting students refocused and ready to work - soooo... I created this math warm up that they use Monday - Thursday to help them

settle in,   warm up their math brains,   and  get set to learn.



I use this with the Notability App.  This saves paper and students are engaged with technology.  (I know, I am lucky to have 1 to 1 iPads!)  However, I have also seen teachers laminate and use with dry erase markers or slip into dry erase sleeves.  Of course, paper always works as well.

This year, I am planning on sending it for homework once a week.

Other ideas include:
  • Early finishers
  • Small group
  • Differentiating instruction by  using smaller or larger numbers 

 How can you use this in your class?




  1. Nifty idea for putting a lot of different parts of number sense all in one place. I'm wondering about splitting up the individual blocks (either digitally, or on something like printed 3x5 cards) to let them be more portable and feel less like a worksheet.

    Do you assign the number for them to use, or do they go find those numbers themselves in places they find themselves inside and outside of school?

    1. Regarding post below - It's Bloom Learning I can't wait to try this out!

    2. My goodness!!! I need another cup of coffee! it's BOOM Learning (not Bloom)..

  2. Love the idea for digital cards! There is a new-ish product for teachers (at least it's new for me) called Bloomz which allows teachers to craete digital flashcard sets - I think I will try that! Have you tried or heard about Bloomz?


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