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Hello, and thanks for stopping by! 

I am a second grade teacher and district Ed Tech Rep.  I love creating things for my class and infusing technology into my lessons.  My teaching philosophy can be summed up in four words:


Prior to teaching I worked as a Systems Analyst, designing and coding software for a large computer/technology corporation.  I was successful and enjoyed my work and travel. 

Twelve years later I found myself volunteering in my children's classroom.  I was able to witness amazing teachers who inspired me to get my teaching credential!  After teaching for several years, I decided to leverage my past experience with my new career and returned to school to pursue a Master of Science in Educational Technology.  I received my MS from Cal State Fullerton in 2014 and am now an Ed Tech Rep for my school district (as well as a classroom teacher).

I feel very privileged to be teaching second grade in a class with 1-to-1 iPads.  I love sharing new ideas for integrating technology with others in my district and watching my students grow and learn.

I hope you enjoy my blog entries,
Laura Armstrong

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