Engage and Educate with ChatterPix

4:09 PM
ChatterPix is a FREE simple yet educational and engaging app (iPad/iPhone) that is appropriate for even the youngest learners!  With this app, students create animated, talking pictures that can be saved, shared, and used in other projects.

ChatterPix videos are created in 4 very simple steps:
  1. Students use the camera to take a picture (or it can be imported from the camera roll).  
  2. Students indicate the "mouth position" by using their finger to draw a line on their image.  
  3.  Students are given a countdown to record followed by 30 seconds of recording time for audio.  Students may listen to and redo their recordings until they get it "just right".
  4.  Finally, students are able to add text, stickers, and frames to decorate their image.  Finished ChatterPix projects can be saved/exported to the device camera roll where they can be shard or used in other apps and presentations.

The key to keeping this in line with your standards, is to provide a language frame, rubric, or other type of project guide to ensure students get the most out of their ChatterPix project.  I love that students practice reading their "scripts" over and over until it is just right.  Can you say fluency!  They are always so engaged and eager to share their projects with other students, parents, and teachers.  They are great examples of student creativity and are amazing for back-to-school or other fun family activities you have planned.

Below is a ChatterPix created by a second grade student learning about simple machines.  For this project, students took pictures of simple machines found around school then used language frames to animate.

The following ChatterPix was created using an image imported from Britannica Image Quest.  This was part of a culminating project after students researched and produced a written animal report.  Students created a Keynote presentation and embedded their ChatterPix videos at the end.


  1. Sweet! I have been a fan of Blabberize.com for years, but it doesn't run on iOS (that darn Flash thing...), so this is fantastic! Thanks for posting it along with the real student examples!

  2. What an awesome tool! Seems so simple that our littlest littles can handle and use! I will be sharing with my elementary staff!


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