Tattling Got You Down?

One thing that can wear me down like no other... TATTLING!  😩  I started reading this book several years ago and fell in love 💜 with it!  I usually ended up reading it several times a year to "refresh" my kiddo's memory.  Then, I decided to create an anchor chart with the "Tattle Rules" to hang in my class all year.  It worked like a dream!  Even my students began referring to it and almost all of the tattling took care of itself.  No more rereads!!!  I also created a PowerPoint and task card game to go along called "What Would You Do?"  Students can act out or discuss with small groups and decide what they would do in each situation.   They loved it!  I'd love to hear how you deal with tattling in your class - it can be a big problem in 2nd grade.

You can find the resource here

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