Ditch the Prize Box for Classroom Rewards!

I have always used a prize box as an incentive for students (hard work, improvement, reaching goals, good character etc.)  However, last year I was feeling so "done" with the prize box and the lame (they were pretty lame😏) prizes in it.  So I decided to create a reward card/prize book product which you can see here: "Reward Cards".

This product contains the following:
  • Binder cover and sleeve insert
  • Reward cards (full size and 2 x 3 inch)
  • Color and Blackline
  • Editable rewards
  • Editable reward poster

Here's how it works.  Students (in my class) earn points or tickets for various things.  They can then exchange their tickets for a prize from the book.  My book is organized by point level, and students can flip through and "shop" for their favorite reward.

Of course, the higher the point value, the better the prize!  Students can save up points and work toward a certain prize - which is very motivating!

Keep in mind that you still maintain control over what prizes you will offer and what value they will have.  The product includes editable reward cards in a PowerPoint file as well.

Additionally, an editable "rewards poster" is included.  You can hang this in the class, or insert into the front of your binder.

This is so flexible - use with Dojo points, AR points or goals, classroom economy system or any way you would like!

I would 💕LOVE 💕to hear how you could use this in your class!

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  1. That's really cool! It seems like an excellent way to get the kids not only thinking in the now, but also thinking about the future. The ability to save points is really cool. I hope that your students love it this year.

    Thanks for sharing!


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